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The History of Layag Bugsay Dabaw

Layag Bugsay was conceived and put into action in 2019 by Peter Damary and the Holy Name School (Babak, Samal) with the objective of providing a learning-towards-employment option for Senior High School students of Samal Island. The idea was to provide a venue for a core group of water-sport focused graduates who would go on to become qualified tour guides, to fill the needs of the burgeoning Davao tourism industry.

Construction Of The Sailing Dinghies

With the support of the Philippine Sailing Association, under the Philippine Sport Commission, the Holy Name School engaged the Philippine Home Boat-builders Yacht Club to oversee the construction of Oz-Goose sailing dinghies by the then Senior High School students.

construction of Oz-Goose sailing dinghies Samal Island

boat construction underway

the first Oz=Goose on the water

first Oz-Goose on the water

Senior High School Team of boat builders

Senior High School boat builders

Learning To Sail The Oz-Goose

A group of the Senior High School students traveled to Taal Lake Yacht Club, where they learned how to sail the Oz-Goose in friendly competition during the annual, Round Taal Volcano race weekend. Since then a member of Davao's Badjao community, with experience of sailing native Bigiw sailing boats, has been to Taal Lake to learn about sailing and instructing using the Oz-Goose, from the boat's designer – Michael Storer.

Senior High School Team at Taal Lake

Samal students learn in Taal Lake

eight boat A-frame storage rack

the A-frame storage rack

Ready To Launch The Club

Ready to launch, the original location was at a beach resort on the West coast of Samal Island, facing Davao City. A twelve-boat, A-frame storage rack was designed and built. The Davao branch of MARINA was invited to visit, inspect & certify the sailing dinghies, and everything was in place to launch Layag Bugsay Dabaw on the World.

And then, shortly after MARINA staff completed their inspection, along came Covid-lockdowns . . .

The Official Launching Of Layag Bugsay Dabaw

Fast forward to 2023: after being compelled to change location (due to the sale of the beach resort), and finally negotiating with a friendly Babak family to lease their beach front property for a minimum of two years, Layag Bugsay Dabaw set about relocation of the A-frame storage rack, the Oz Goose dinghies and Peter's own native paraw.

July 22nd, 2023, the official opening of Layag Bugsay Dabaw led by Commodore Peter Damary.



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