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Sailing Lessons

Our sailing lessons are designed for all ages from 12yo to 72yo. The sailing lesson schedule is structured so that you can spread your learing experience over a period of weeks or months, three days at a time.

Our sailing dinghies will accommodate one or two sailing students plus the instructor. Life jackets are provided as is a waterproof-pouch for your mobile phone. We can arrange for drinks and some munchies, so that you do not have to worry about where to stop for merienda.

Questions Before You Learn To Sail

What should you wear? clothes & shoes that you do not mind getting wet

What should you bring? sunblock & probably a hat

The Basic Sailing Skills Courses include the theory of sailing; how the wind effects the boat and how to use it; names of the parts of the boat, sails and rigging; how a sailboat works; practical rigging and de-rigging of a boat; fitting a life-jacket; launching and landing; stopping and starting the boat on the water; and, assisted capsize recovery.

This is a 3-day course and could be accomplished as one, three-day event or (for example) over three consecutive Saturdays.

Please note that all Sailing Courses may be dependent on the wind and tide. Advance booking recommended.

Course Fees:

  • Junior Sailing students (under 18) Php4,750 covers 3 days
  • Adult Sailing students (18+) Php7,000 covers 3 days

Inclusions: rental of the sailing dinghies; use of life-jackets and safety gears; the instructor; and, a waterproof mobile phone pouch.

For Samal High School students (ages 13 to 17), we have defined a Sponsorship Program to provide free of charge sailing courses.

It is also planned to launch Sponsored Boat Building Experiences for Samal High School students in 2024.

Layag Bugsay Dabaw Members receive a 20% discount on all sailing activity fees.

!! Ask us about Scholarship courses and School programs !!

Please note: the sailing lessons are in high demand during certain days/months and espcially at weekends so we recommend that you contact us in advance, so that we can be sure to have a sailing instructor and a dinghy ready for your adventure.

Contact Layag Bugsay Dabaw today to book your sailing lessons:

telephone: +63 929 503-7364

email: info(at)layagbugsay.org



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