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About Layag Bugsay Dabaw

Literally 'Sails and Oars Davao', Layag Bugsay explains the logo of the first modern sailing club on Samal Island in the province of Davao del Norte. 'Dabaw' being the vernacular for Davao - the region of Mindanao island that has been influenced most notably by indigenous Bagobo peoples, one of the many indigenous peoples that have coexisted in this region for millennia.

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The Sailing Club of Davao

Originally conceived as a sailing club with two main goals: as a sailing school to offer sailing lessons to the youth of Samal; and, to promote the rich history of sailing around waters of the Philippines to all who feel youthful in Mindanao. The sailing school uses sailing dinghies designed specifically for the Philippines, that embrace the local winds and the need for safety. The lessons learned with Layag Bugsay will prepare Samal high-schoolers and anyone with the passion to sail to become Sailing Guides as well as the wider Mindanao youth to compete at national and international levels of competition, and to bring home some trophies while preparing students for futures on the oceans - whether as paid crew or simply enjoying as explorers.

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Sailing Adventures Davao

Our goal is to offer sailing adventures to visitors that will enable them to enjoy the special beauties of the Davao Gulf around Samal Island from the water. Our sailing dinghies can accommodate 1-4 people depending on weight and experience. In most cases you can take a chest-cooler with food and drinks for a sailing adventure to the nearby beaches and islands.

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The Paddling Club of Davao

In the near future we will be including paddling, in kayaks and native boats, in our training schedules and our tourism adventures. We are just waiting for the funding for the acquisition of equipment. If you know a corporation or individual with an interest in promoting paddling in and around the Davao Gulf then please put us together - we have the location and the experience to make paddling tourism a reality for Samal and Davao.


Fundraising For The Future

Sailing in Davao is new to most people and certainly new to Samal Island. The initial investment in boats was funded by the Philippine Sailing Association and with the help of enthusiastic individuals. Our goal is to serve the entire community with sailing education opportunities regardless of financial circumstances but as we grow we need help to fund Scholarships, build & maintain more boats, and we want to add kayaking to the range of learning & adventure we can offer the children of Davao. Finally, we want to offer on-water adventures for the tourists who are arriving here in increasing numbers. You can help.

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